Thursday, August 18, 2011


Today is my daughter’s first day of 3rd grade. Her shirt is covered in silver bling and her multi-colored shoes light up with every step she takes. When she was in Kindergarten someone taught her a car game. Each time we passed a yellow car she’d shout, “Bingo!” At first I thought it was funny which morphed into annoying before long. Over time it was a game that became somewhat addictive. Claira’s 4 year old brother likes to holler bingo after his sister or even just to say it to get her goat. The whole family is doing it now. In fact, it’s difficult to avoid thinking the word bingo when we see a yellow car. I have to admit too that a car that color seems a bit garish to me but to each his own. Still, driving around town, the next thing you know you’re looking for a bingo. It almost feels like you’ve won a prize.

It got me thinking about the power of words to change our mood, outlook, and ultimately maybe even our future. Not that I’m all about positivity no matter the context, but I do believe in change and that finding a doorway to inner change is usually preferable to a negative state. I will cop to being a road rager in my daily commute in the past so this is quite a progressive state for me personally. So what I was thinking, feel free to try this yourself, is this: each time you spot a yellow car instead of thinking or shouting bingo you might think or say “love” or “peace” or “compassion.” Anything that will bring you to your own optimal state in a world that seems chaotic and harsh. Maybe we can start to become our own catalyst for change one yellow vehicle at a time.


  1. I knew that game too! My sister and I used to shout “ding” instead of “bingo” whenever we saw a yellow car. It is a rare color so we seldom saw it on the streets. Well, except in New York where almost all cabs were painted yellow. :-)[Nettie Christensen]

  2. It seems that “game” is quite popular. If I remember correctly, my little bro and I used to play it. And we also used the word “bingo” every time we’d see a yellow car on the streets. But at times, we will change the rules and shout out “bingo” whenever we see a red or blue car. That would depend on our childish whims. [Clint Moore]

  3. Well do you plan on replacing the word "Bingo"? I think having a game like that is nice because there are days when some family members will have a bad day. Seeing them have fun gets them in the mood to join in and save the whole family from any awkward feeling that a bad day brings to a person’s attitude.

    Leisa Dreps